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OMG teh cryness!

I’m just an ordinary dude who loves video games. I have what you can call a normal life…a fabulous wife, 2 kids, and I work as a freelance game designer but I also love to build smaller games as a hobby. I teamed up with guys like me and started Tiebreaker Studio just for the fun of it.

So when the house is asleep, I crawl into the basement and for a couple of hours revert to a 20 year kid working on the games he loves and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Currently playing:

  • Bastion
  • Super Meat Boy
  • The Walking Dead
  • Castle Crasher (with the kids)

Played and enjoyed:


Don’t mess with the japanese guy.

I worked for a couple of game companies for about 10 years but now i’m in another less creative industry. So when I’m not trying to end rebellion and gain unlimited power, I love to spend my time programming games which is one of my many passions.

Currently playing: Life / Basement improvement (hammer time)


Do not delay the inevitable.

He once ate a pudding, he then liked it. He also ate kebabs without breads, he found it better than chocolate pretzel. But his life has never been the same since he tasted  the awesomeness of creating crazy stuff while wearing a red puncho.

Currently playing: Team fortress 2/ Starcraft 2/ Dawn of War 2


Why so Serious?

My blog (in French)

I am a fanatic of programming since high school when I started making websites in the late 90s.
Since then, I have always had personal projects involving various technologies. I worked nearly six years in the video games industry as a programmer and manager.
During my childhood, the games I enjoyed the most were Double Dragon, Contra 3 and Blades of Steel on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo.

Currently Playing: NHL 2012 / Terraria / Mortal Kombat

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