In Shape Invaders you take on the role of an amnesiac orphan who’s earth only hope against an invading hordes of shapes from outer space. At the command of “Frank the Tank” you’ll have to use your brain and quick reflexes to overcome waves after waves of ruthless enemies to prevent Earth’s impending doom.

Shape Invaders concept was created by mixing the classic Space Invaders and the awesome Critter Crunch. For this first game we wanted a fun and easy to build concept that would allow us to complete the game in reasonable time span.

Packed with 30 levels of crazy non-stop action Shape Invaders will have you unleash your wrath on the shapes and get geometrical on their asses! Shape Invaderswill be released on XBLIG when it’s ready…hopefully in 2012 :)


Shape Invaders



First design sketch for Shape Invaders

That will teach you to interrupt my BBQ!

Helmets! What the….???

Well done soldier!