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Dev Blog: We survived the Apocalypse


If you’re reading this chances are you survived the 2012 apocalypse, so congrats and Happy new year!

We hope 2013 will bring you joy and happiness as well as the release of Shape Invaders. :P
On that front here is where we’re at with the development, what we’ve done recently and what’s left to be done.

Recently the focus has been on creating and integrating new art and tuning the gameplay.

The Shape Invaders Crew

The Shape Invaders Crew

Rich has xreated five environments ranging from Farmland to the Big City, working with Mike they made a tile system allowing us to create varied environment featuring these themes.  They are almost finished and we can wait to see the result in the game. Rich also worked on the 3 main characters of the game, these portraits will be mainly used during short funny dialogues. Art wise we still have some assets to create to say we have everything we need, but Rich told me yesterday he was close to the end. After that he’ll start adding some “juice” to the game so don’t be surprised to see some new special effect video soon.


That’s where the cows go MOOOOOO!


Frank the tank is you friendly neighborhood watch.

Aside from the environment system, Mike worked on Vick’s Shop which is now almost fully functional. It’s pretty cool finally be able to spend shape meat to buy new weapons and power-ups. It gives a bit more depth to the game which is really nice. Once the environment system is completed Mike will tackle the bug base.

Vince, he’s been working on making sure the weapons and power-ups are functional in-game. Some are, some aren’t so Vince job isn’t done on that one.  After that, he’ll take some time cleaning up the bug base before starting to work on the end boss fight. :D

As for myself I’ve been playing the game a lot, trying to go from the first to the last level without using cheat while making sure every level are hard enough. This my main job until the game is released. So far I went up to level 21 (Baie-Comeau) before being forced to stop due to a bug. This bodes well for the future; I’ll let you know once I finish my first complete run. Aside from that it’s bug base and community management. Fun stuff.

One last thing. for the past year or so we’ve had the privilege to work with Francis Boucher. He’s a composer trying to get into the game business and he is giving us a hand with the Music and SFX. Francis has worked on almost 10 tracks for the game, all of them are awesome. If you got a minute check out these 2 samples and let us know what you think.

That’s pretty much it for today.
As most of you know we’re doing this part-time, so bear with us as we’re doing as fast as we can to release the game in 2013. :D
Thanks a lot for following us



Dev Blog : Production Blitz #11


Hi Guys!

With the game getting closer and closer to completion we met at Rich’s place last week-end for another production Blitz. Although everyone was in a good mood there was not much goofing around as we put our best effort to get as much work done as possible in the 24 hours span. Something very cool happened during the blitz. For the first time ever we were able to play a complete vertical slice of the game. This means that we can of course kill shapes and collect meats, but we can now spend that meat on weapons and power-ups in Vick’s shop. With the shop feature integrated we can now balance the levels to make sure they can be played by all and not just us.

Of course a bunch of bugs were opened and fixed, and Mike fixed on HUGE slowdown bug that was making the game unplayable around level 10. Rich took good care of us and worked on two new environments that we should be able to show you guys soon. As for Vince he continued his work on the Shape attack pattern. Aside form the end boss, attack patterns are the last feature being implemented in the game.

We’re very excited about the state of the game and are very confident that the game will be released in 2013. Thanks for you support, have an awesome Holiday Seasons and stay tuned for more updates.



Dev Blog: Production Blitz #10


10 what a great number!
It was Guy Lafleur’s jersey number, as well as the amount of plagues of Egypt and the amount of inkblots in the Rorschach inkblot test.  Last week-end was Tiebreaker Studio 10th production Blitz. So lets see if we were able to live up to the awesomeness of number 10

The event was held at my place. I had conveniently kicked-out my wife and kids for the night and most of the Saturday so it was us, with beer, chips and Bacon. Nothing could stop us for completing another big chunk of the game. Little did we know that evil had already struck in Mike stomach. Yep Mike had contracted a disease so vile that even with all his will he was unable to attend the event…we took it on the bright side as it meant more food for us. :D

Rich and I were up and running pretty early Friday and Vince caught up with us later that night…then it was work/fun/work all evening and most of the night. We missed Mike a lot so we decided to hire a Donkey Kong has is replacement (See pictures below). It turned out we almost didn’t see the difference.

We hammered at a couple of things this week-end.  Here’s the lowdown

  • Integration of all the Visual FX for the special weapons
  • Designed the game background for the 5 regions
  • Play tested the level and did some level balancing
  • Reviewed some Music track
  • Cleaned up the bug base
  • Created another teaser video (see at the end of post)
  • Played some Torchlight 2 and Super Meatboy
  • Wished Richard Happy birthday
  • Talked like old men by the fire
  • Tried Bacon Tex-Mex Bacon twist

In the end Blitz #10 was good and fun, but I got the feeling that with the last few features implemented Blitz #11 will be even better.
Speaking of next time… blitz #11 is already scheduled for the end of November. But for now enjoy the awesomeness of these few shots and new teaser video. :D




The people have spoken


Hi guys :)

After a week long vote, and a gruelling elimination process that involved flame throwers, we finally know which of the three candidates will be Shape Invader’s space-trader. Check the video below to see who won.  Don’t worry if your favorite didn’t win, we’ll still use the other two characters in less glamorous spots in the game.

Thanks a lot for voting in such a high number, you guys are awesome!

-The Tiebreaker crew



A vote that matters


Hi Guys
We’re currently working on the Space-trader character and we need your help.

We got this character in the game he is called “The Weirdo” he arrived on earth a short time after the invasion began and between each level he’ll sell you cool interstellar weaponry, gears and power-up. But be aware, that he don’t want your stinking money, instead what “The Weirdo” craves for is some sweet juicy Shape-Meat, obtained by blowing up Shape Invaders. Isn’t that great :D

So we got these 3 guys(or girls, who know what they really are?) that we love very much and we’d like to give our great fans the choice and let you choose which design will be used for “The Weirdo” character in the game.

Please go ahead cast your vote NOW, we will reveal the winner at 15h00 this Friday. Thanks a lot.
The Tiebreaker Crew

This poll is currently disabled.

Dev blog: Summer slackers


Hi guys,

This is just to let you know that we’re not dead..we’ve just been slacking off that’s all.

Hey kid it’s nice outside go out and play!..Ho you’re playing Shape Invaders, it’s ok you can stay in.

The thing is that here in beautiful Québec we get to have nice weather only 1-2 months each year, so when it happens we usually try to go outside and enjoy it (read play with the kids or cut the lawn) instead of being in front of the computer. Rich and I also got to  find some freelance work to be able to pay the bills. But while we’re working on our contracts we don’t have much time to work on Shape Invaders and even less time to write about what’s going on. That explains why we were on the quiet side for the last month and we’re sorry about that.

Summer and BBQ goes together.

That does not mean some stuff didn’t get done. Rich created some awesome tank animations, explosion sprites and shapes’ helmets. Vince and Mike fixed a bunch of bugs to make the game more fun and more stable, allowing me to start balancing the levels. With summer now in full swing we’ll probably continue to enjoy the warm weather a bit, but soon we’ll be back on the saddle working to complete Shape Invaders. Here are some of the big things left to do:

  • Completing all the art asset
  • Implementing the shop
  • Tweaking all the levels
  • Implementing the final boss :D

Our target is to complete the game for the holidays 2012. Hope we can make it.
Thanks a lot for all your support and keep checking us out, we’ll be posting some new stuff soon.


Hello World!


Hi everyone and welcome to our web site. We are Tiebreaker Studio, a hobby game studio made out of four friends who love video games and want to share their passion with the world. We started to work on our first game a year ago and now we feel it’s good enough so we can start show it to you guys. All with full time jobs and most of us with families, we work on the game during our spare time, which is late at night or during weekends. Furthermore we meet once every two month and work 18 hours straight in what we call production blitz. Anything goes during these meetings, we work on the game, eat bacon, joke about stupid stuff and dream about the future. What’s the most important for us? It’s having a good time with friends creating games we love.

Our first game is named Shape Invaders. What is it? Well take Space Invaders, mix it with Critter Crunch, add a dash of madness, a lot of love and BAM! you have a fun and simple action game. Shape Invaders will be available on XBLIG as soon as it’s done. Follow this link to visit the game section to learn more about it.

Thanks a lot for checking us out, and please like our Facebook page or visit our G+ to get all the latest news and update on the game.

-The Tiebreaker crew

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