Hi everyone and welcome to our web site. We are Tiebreaker Studio, a hobby game studio made out of four friends who love video games and want to share their passion with the world. We started to work on our first game a year ago and now we feel it’s good enough so we can start show it to you guys. All with full time jobs and most of us with families, we work on the game during our spare time, which is late at night or during weekends. Furthermore we meet once every two month and work 18 hours straight in what we call production blitz. Anything goes during these meetings, we work on the game, eat bacon, joke about stupid stuff and dream about the future. What’s the most important for us? It’s having a good time with friends creating games we love.

Our first game is named Shape Invaders. What is it? Well take Space Invaders, mix it with Critter Crunch, add a dash of madness, a lot of love and BAM! you have a fun and simple action game. Shape Invaders will be available on XBLIG as soon as it’s done. Follow this link to visit the game section to learn more about it.

Thanks a lot for checking us out, and please like our Facebook page or visit our G+ to get all the latest news and update on the game.

-The Tiebreaker crew