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Hi guys :)

After a week long vote, and a gruelling elimination process that involved flame throwers, we finally know which of the three candidates will be Shape Invader’s space-trader. Check the video below to see who won.  Don’t worry if your favorite didn’t win, we’ll still use the other two characters in less glamorous spots in the game.

Thanks a lot for voting in such a high number, you guys are awesome!

-The Tiebreaker crew



A vote that matters


Hi Guys
We’re currently working on the Space-trader character and we need your help.

We got this character in the game he is called “The Weirdo” he arrived on earth a short time after the invasion began and between each level he’ll sell you cool interstellar weaponry, gears and power-up. But be aware, that he don’t want your stinking money, instead what “The Weirdo” craves for is some sweet juicy Shape-Meat, obtained by blowing up Shape Invaders. Isn’t that great :D

So we got these 3 guys(or girls, who know what they really are?) that we love very much and we’d like to give our great fans the choice and let you choose which design will be used for “The Weirdo” character in the game.

Please go ahead cast your vote NOW, we will reveal the winner at 15h00 this Friday. Thanks a lot.
The Tiebreaker Crew

This poll is currently disabled.

Get your shovel soldier!


Ever wondered how planes could fly in and drop health pack, ammo and power-ups to Frank the tank with all these invaders in the sky?
Well stop wondering because they don’t. The Resistance tried it in the past and needless to say the ratio “Plane lost vs completed drop” was very low.
So how supplies get to the front line? Tunnels baby tunnels :D

Can you dig it?


Shoot, kill, make points



Here is a little something Rich did to explain Shape Invaders gameplay. Like us it’s very old school.

Shoot, kill, make combo, make points and have fun. To us it’s the base of a healthy gamer breakfast. :D

If we don't end war, war will end us.

The image says it all, but here are a bit more details in executive format.
  • You are the tank. (its name is Frank)
  • You shoot square, circle and triangle missiles.
  • Each Invaders from outer space have a square, circle, or triangle mouth.
  • Shoot the right missile in the right mouth and KABOOM! Destruction ensues!
  • Shoot an invader that fits into the one above and BAM! You made a Combo.
  • Shoot enough invaders and make enough combos to scare the bejesus out them and they’ll leave.
  • TADA! you just saved the earth…for now.
We’re currently working to put together a video that will give more details on the gameplay. It will soon be released in a computer near you.
Take care everyone

Sketches and Doodles


Hi all!
Here are some concepts sketches and doodles Rich did a while ago.
Which version of “Frank the Tank” do you prefer?

Stay tuned as we’re gonna start to show more and more of the game in the coming weeks. :D


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