Hi Guys

A couple of weeks ago I watched “Indie game: The Movie”. After seeing the trailer last year I was really looking forward to the movie and I must say I was not disappointed.

“Indie game: The movie” follows Edmund Mcmillen and Tommy Refenes (the guys behind Super Meat Boy) the weeks leading to the launch of the game on XBLA; and Phil Fish (the creator of FEZ) a couple of weeks before PAX 2010. Throughout then movie there are comments from Jonathan Blow the maker of Braid.

What I liked about the movie is that it focused more on the emotions and motivations of each team instead of the technical aspect of development. In doing so it connected with me as I recognize myself a couples times in these guys.

  • Like Mr. Blow, I was tired of “not doing the things that I thought I would with my life.” or at least try doing them. That’s the main reason we started Tiebreaker Studio…to do the game we wanted.
  • Like Mr. Refenes I don’t really care if Shape Invaders sales or not. I’ll be happy if does, but if it doesn’t it does not matter, I’ll be proud of what we accomplish nonetheless.

As the movie continues you get to learn more about their personal life and how the dream they are pursuing affects it. Being a family man I could more than relate to that because I know how being focused on a project like that can affect the one you love. But don’t worry, by the end of the movie things turned out OK for both teams. :P

While watching the movie I found myself wishing I could be 20 years younger. Not that I would trade my life for anything else, but just for the fact that it’s much easier to create and distribute video game today that it was 20 years ago. If I had access to the tools and distribution method we have today, my professional life would have been different I can assure you that.

To end this short review I’ll say that If you are involved or interested in indie game development you must watch that movie. If you’re like me, it will motivate you to keep working on your game, or it will push you to start working on one.