Hi Guys
We’re currently working on the Space-trader character and we need your help.

We got this character in the game he is called “The Weirdo” he arrived on earth a short time after the invasion began and between each level he’ll sell you cool interstellar weaponry, gears and power-up. But be aware, that he don’t want your stinking money, instead what “The Weirdo” craves for is some sweet juicy Shape-Meat, obtained by blowing up Shape Invaders. Isn’t that great :D

So we got these 3 guys(or girls, who know what they really are?) that we love very much and we’d like to give our great fans the choice and let you choose which design will be used for “The Weirdo” character in the game.

Please go ahead cast your vote NOW, we will reveal the winner at 15h00 this Friday. Thanks a lot.
The Tiebreaker Crew

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